TTES Consulting Inc. was founded by Jeff Tait 2004 and incorporated in 2007.  In the beginning TTES Consulting Inc. operated a small aggregate lab, designed parking lots/roadways, and assisted contractors with survey layout, estimates and quantities.

Things changed in 2007 when TTES Consulting Inc. landed a large construction layout and quantities earthworks project with MLA Northern on the Red River Floodway Expansion Project.  MLA Northern had recently purchased Trimble GPS machine control and TTES Consulting Inc. was charged with creating the models and keeping the machines functioning to optimum performance.  TTES Consulting Inc. had no choice but to become local experts as the technology was new to the region.  Other contractors on the floodway took note and began purchasing GPS machine control for themselves.  This equipment required support and more contractors were added to the TTES client list and the company began to grow in size and recognition.

In 2014, Jeff became aware that a highly skilled technologist by the name of Scott Craig was actively looking for work.  Jeff and Scott had worked well together on the Circle Drive project in Saskatoon a few years earlier and were both eager to work together again.  The “job interview” resulted in the creation of a sister company called Survcon Geomatics Inc. that operates out of Saskatoon.  www.survcon.ca




Today TTES Consulting Inc. employs 10 – 30 dedicated Engineers, Technologists, Technicians, and support staff and is licensed to practice Civil Engineering in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  TTES currently operates 2 -CCIL certified aggregate/soil laboratories and one CCIL certified asphalt laboratory.

TTES Consulting’s client list includes over 100 contractors, a dozen engineering firms, and over 20 Municipalities.  Our projects range in size from small commercial parking lots to complex greenfield industrial sites.

The success of TTES Consulting is a direct result of the dedication, quality, and diversity of our staff.  The employee profit-sharing plan creates an atmosphere of individual ownership and responsibility that reflects in the quality of workmanship throughout our projects.

TTES Consulting Inc. embraces new technology, and our employees are in a constant state of training and upgrading.  We are committed to our clients and will always go the extra mile to protect their interests.

TTES understands that there is no task too small to spend the time and effort to make our work and projects more efficient and completed with the highest standards of excellence.  We are continually adjusting our techniques, striving to deliver a superior deliverable in a short amount of time for a reasonable price.

We believe that everyone should come home from work injury free and make workplace safety our highest priority.




TTES Consulting Inc. will continue to add locations in the Manitoba and Saskatchewan marketplaces as opportunities arise, while continuing to expand our design and quality control services.